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En-Home Mission Statement: 

Energy costs are one of the largest recurring expenses that homeowners incur, typically averaging thousands of dollars per year.  En-Home’s mission is to help homeowners save more than 15% of the money they currently spend on energy.


En-Home will achieve this mission by helping homeowners to realize an Enabled Home using Connected Home Automation technologies.  While our primary concentration is on energy savings, our products will grow to offer additional Connected Home Automation capabilities, including convenience, security, entertainment, lighting, appliances and more.

En-Home's Energy Miser Intelligent Management Systems will Monitor, Control, and Manage home energy usage, and enable significant savings to be achieved while maintaining comfort levels throughout the home.  Our initial concentration will be on heating and cooling, which represent the predominant energy costs for homeowners, typically 45% or more of the total energy bill.  This system will also manage other energy consumption in the home to achieve further cost savings.


The net savings for homeowners are real and significant, to the tune of thousands of dollars – money that can be saved or spent on other needs.  En-Home's Energy Miser Intelligent Management Systems can pay for themselves in less than two years, and provide real money savings far into the future.  With our initial systems, and planned enhancements to our extendable architecture, En-Home products can significantly enhance the comfort, convenience and security of homeowners while achieving significant real dollar savings.


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