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En-Home Product Illustrative Example:

Consider yourself a homeowner, faced with a long list of monthly bills that eat away at your hard-earned money.  First, you have to pay expenses directly related to the ownership of your home, including your mortgage, property taxes, and homeowner’s insurance; you really have little or no control of these expenses, short of refinancing your mortgage or altering the terms of your homeowner’s insurance.  Next, you have to pay expenses directly related to living in your home, including costs for heating and cooling your home (e.g. electricity, gas, oil), other energy costs (e.g. lighting, stove, washer/dryer, refrigerator, etc.), water and sewer costs, communications costs (telephone, Internet access), security costs (e.g. alarm system), entertainment costs (e.g. cable or satellite television), etc.  Then there is always the continuing need for home repairs, and many other care and feeding activities associated with owning a home.

Of these expenses, energy costs are one of the most significant, typically amounting to 10% to 30% of average monthly home ownership costs.  Heating and cooling costs are typically 45% to 55% or more of these total energy costs, typically amounting to thousands of dollars per year.

Today’s homeowners control their heating and cooling costs by the temperatures at which they set their thermostats.  Setting the temperature lower in the winter or higher in the summer can save on energy costs.  Adjusting the thermostat settings during the day, manually or by using a programmable thermostat, can help achieve additional savings by reducing energy usage when people aren’t around or while they’re sleeping.  Many homeowners attempt such temperature controls with varying degrees of success.

Now consider a new approach, the En-Home Energy Miser Intelligent Management System, where an intelligent learning system learns about your preferences and needs, and monitors, controls, and manages your home comfort levels appropriately.  This system can take into account not only temperature, but also humidity in setting comfort levels.  It can measure the temperature and humidity in many rooms and algorithmically set the comfort levels rather than simply setting the thermostat based solely on the temperature alone at the location of the thermostat (for example, you may want to set comfort levels based on conditions in a child’s room or in a combination of rooms).  It can measure outside temperature and humidity levels and adjust comfort settings inside the home based on those conditions (for example, if outside and inside temperature and humidity levels are close, one action may be appropriate while if they are greatly different, another action may be appropriate).  This system goes well beyond simple time-of-day thermostat settings, and enables far greater levels of control and comfort.  The result is significant energy savings of 15% or more.  This is real dollar savings that you can put in your pocket or spend on other needs.

Further, imagine such a system that you can monitor, control and manage not only from your home, but over the Internet, accessing the system from your cell phone, or wireless PDA, or laptop PC from anywhere in the world.  With En-Home, this is not only possible, but also affordable!

What’s more, this example only begins to touch on the capabilities En-Home provides, and these capabilities move well beyond controlling and managing energy costs, to managing security, lighting, entertainment, and convenience.  Learn more about the new world that En-Home can provide!



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